John and Mark are on the run for Cash for Kids!

John and Mark are on the run for Cash for Kids!

Following on from their brilliant fundraising success for 2016 as one of our 1,000 Faces, John and Mark from Lendrums Driving School have decided to go even bigger for 2017!

John says: "I have enjoyed listening to cash for kids and sponsoring some money but really want to make a difference, as these children deserve so much more and if I can be a small part of that i will"

In the spirit of this, next year they will be taking part in 12 half marathons in 12 months to raise money for disadvantaged and vulnerable children in the South. 

The first four half marathons have already been chosen, with the guys tackling Farnborough and Southampton on the South Coast in January and April, respectively. They will also be taking part in the Richmond half in February and one in Reading in March.

Mark says: "Living in Southampton all my life and teaching various people from all backgrounds gets you thinking. I have done many things in the past for charity but when John came up with this idea, I was game, what a great way to keep fit and do something worthwhile, we just hope we get the support."

If you'd like to support them on their mission, visit their sponsorship page here.