Wave 105 Fitness - Welcome to Wave 105's brand new online personal training portal!

Welcome to Wave 105's online personal training portal!
18 Week Course - Sign up in January to receive a package
worth £109.99 for just £42.50!


Wave 105 Fitness has been developed in conjunction with Brightside Personal Training in Southampton, and is a new concept based around a library of training videos that you can access online, making getting fitter, cheaper and more convenient than many more conventional methods.

Beginner to Advanced in just 18 weeks!

Our video courses are broken down into Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced for you to progress through.

Each course has 6 weeks worth of exercises, designed for real people , with each week being different from the last in order to keep your training fresh and motivating.

Watch the three introductory videos below for a demonstration of each course.

Beginners Course

Intermediate Course

Advanced Course

Join up in January and receive the following package
for just £42.50!

18 week’s worth of Beginners, Intermediate and Advanced Video training courses - worth £36

A one to one fitness assessment and goals setting session with Brightside Personal training worth £45.


A fold up fitness mat worth £8.99

A pair of tech running socks, training diary and choob (headscarf) worth £20 from Up & Running in Chandlers Ford.

Total Package Value =  £109.99
January join up price = £42.50

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Whilst you may wish to work out away from a group environment, recognition is key to success. So why not join Steve in sharing your experiences via the Social Forum in our Fitness portal?

Let us know that you've signed up. Tell us how you are finding it, and when you complete a course, and if you require tips, advice and a pat on the back, Paul and the Brightside team will be on hand!

We'll also keep you updated as we release new courses, and develop new ideas... anyone for a weekend bootcamp?!

10 Reasons why Wave Fitness Could Work For You!

  • Aimed at real people like you!
  • Access Personal Training expertise at a fraction of the cost.
  • No expensive gym membership fees.
  • No intimidating / pressured gym environment.
  • Workout at your convenience - whenever and wherever you want. All you need is your PC, laptop, tablet or mobile.
  • Workout at home - perfect for single parents.
  • Keeps you motivated with a new work out each week!
  • Social Forum - for tips and advice from Paul, and interaction with Steve and other users.
  • Use it as many times as you like!
  • Use as a complement to your regular health & fitness campaign.

Why Is Wave 105 Working with Brightside?

We have seen how Brightside's training methods work first hand! Brightside is owned by Managing Director and ex national level athlete, Paul Laslett. Amongst his many clients is Wave105's Breakfast Show presenter Steve Power for whom Paul's course is currently working very well!

Our online courses will take you through the same programme Steve is undertaking, from a 6 week introductory programme through to Intermediate and then Advance. As the portal develops we will also be introducing more videos targeting specific "problem" areas and particular sports.

If it's working for Steve Power it can work for you! So here's Steve & Paul to explain more...

Before and after training with Brightside

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