Andy Shier

Andy Shier Biography

What is your favourite place in the South?
This changes every year – sitting by the Solent drinking a cold beer on a summers day takes some beating though!

What is your favourite show on TV?
Must admit I probably watch less TV than ever now – I have started getting into all these US TV series though and Prison Break is my current fave

Best film?
Gregory's Girl – best film of the 80’s !!! Takes me back to my yoof !

What was the last book you read?
Quite enjoy football autobiographies – read Sir Alex Ferguson’s while on holiday last year

If you could go to dinner with any 3 people living or dead … who would it be and why?
1 Ronnie Kray - sorry but would have loved to have known what made him the person he was
2 Marilyn Monroe - the greatest film star of the 20th century
3 Sir Paul McCartney - so many stories to tell it'd be difficult to concentrate on eating

If you were stuck on a Desert Island for a week name 3 things you would have with you?
1 Moisturiser - have to look after your skin specially with all that sun !!!!!
2 I-Pod - can you imagine a life without music ???!!
3 Avocado – the most amazing food stuff in the world ;-)

Most embarrassing moment?
I may have once got drunk and told Suggs not to be cocky cos I could help him kickstart his popularity again – or words similar to that !

What do you like best about working in radio?
The one to one communication and the fact you get paid to sit and play music - it can't get much better than that !!

What is your all time Top 5?
1 Leaving Me Now - Level 42
2 Silly Love - 10cc
3 Will You - Hazel O'Connor
4 Paranoid Android - Radiohead
5 Michael Caine - Madness