Gary Parker

Gary Parker Biography

Gary Parker went through several phases of wanting to be a TV cameraman, a weather presenter and a teacher but ended up working in radio his earliest love.

His Dad got annoyed with him as a child because he used to shout too loud and break the VU meters on his Hitachi music centre. Thankfully Gary's learnt how to use a microphone properly and Dad's bought a new stereo.

In between studying for a degree in Media Production and Post Grad at Bournemouth University, Gary worked on cable and hospital radio before landing a stint on Wave 105. He's been here since almost day one and should be receiving a gold carriage clock for fourteen years service!

One of the most rewarding parts of his job is being able to do a little bit of everything. He could be getting the big names to speak to Wave 105, driving listeners to the website or even hosting his regular on-air slot along with daytime, evening and weekend cover.

Gary now lives on the south coast and when he's not on the radio he enjoys walking, cycling, table tennis, photography, travelling and listening to all kinds of music.