Mark Collins

Mark Collins Biography

Mark celebrates working in radio for 25 years this year and thinks he’s nearly got it right. It may take a few more years of practice though. He was brought up in the West Country, living in Bath and Keynsham but attended Wellington School in Somerset when the punk revolution exploded which ignited his interest in music.

He began his working career as a Travel Courier for French Travel Service, taking British holiday-makers to various destinations in France by train (another of his passions), a thing he would recommend to anyone wanting to experience the university of life. It was while he was making announcements that the train guard said to him that he should go and work for the BBC, so he immediately joined his local hospital radio station and so began a career in broadcasting.

Mark has worked at various radio stations in the UK including the old Virgin Radio and Talksport, but he has found his niche at Wave 105 with the morning show with which he has become synonymous, especially the Golden Hour.

As mentioned earlier, Mark has an unhealthy interest in Railways and was asked to present two series of Trainspotting for the Discovery Home & Leisure Channel which he describes as the second most enjoyable way of making money.

He’s even done a bit of stand-up as well at various comedy clubs writing all his own material which cannot be reproduced here because of this country’s obscenity laws.

So what makes our hero tick? He loves Liverpool FC, Bruce Springsteen, travelling the world, red wine, very loud music, e-bay, sunshine, collecting railway and pop memorabilia, his jukebox, his friends, Laurel & Hardy, holidays, meeting people, puppies and kittens and wants world peace.

His Top 5 would be at the time of going to press
1. Bruce Springsteen – Tougher Than The Rest
2. The Smiths – What Difference Does It Make
3. House Of Pain – Jump Around
4. The Specials – Nite Klub
5. Ramones – Rockaway Beach
He has no time for Japan (the group) and Ace of Base, people who don’t make their children wear seatbelts, cloves, horror films, flies and Robbie Savage. Mark has two daughters Phoebe and Evangeline.