Rick Jackson

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A little bit about Rick...

Favourite place on the south coast

West Wight - from the beautiful yachting village of Yarmouth with its pier and pubs, to Tennyson Down, The Needles and the coloured sands of Alum Bay.

On a good day from the top, you can see the Spinnaker Tower in Portsmouth across to the Old Harry Rocks near Swanage. Oh and the Fawley Oil Refinery!

Favourite TV show

Deadliest Catch on Discovery. This follows six boats that fish for king crab on the stormy and fidged Baring Sea. This is commonly known as the world's most dangerous job, where each season a few of these fishing boats are losts to the elements.

Crews work non-stop for weeks on end with very little sleep, but make a packet! You end up following the crews to the point you end up having your favourite boat....mine is the 'Time Bandit' with the Hillstrand family.

If that's not on, The Dog Whisperer, Cesar Millan sorting out devil dogs, or Family Guy!

Best Film

Is it wrong to say the Harry Potter movies? I just love them, it's real escapism, but it could all be real, as Harry lives in the real world at the start of each movie, until he arrives and Platform 9 and three quarters!

I'm going to stop it now.....how about Castaway, that was a great movie!

Dinner with 3 people, alive or dead

1. John Lennon

2. Charles Darwin

3. Neil Armstrong

If you were stuck on a Desert Island for a week, what three things would you have with you...

1. A large generator and a weeks worth of diesel

2. A large tent

3. A motorised satellite dish to pick up anything and a 42" TV

Most embarrassing moment

Having my trunks pulled down at Westridge Leisure Centre swimming pool in 1986 by my girlfriend at the time.....we were 12 and I dumped her after that - we'd been going out for 3 weeks too!

What do you like best about working in radio?

It's still playing records, the new ones I know you are going to love and the oldies that maybe you've not heard in years and you go "oh I just love this song" and then go and download it!

What is your all time Top 5

1. Coldplay - Warning Sign

2. Yes - Wonderous Stories

3. Kate Bush - Cloudbusting

4. Planet Funk - Chase The Sun

5. The Passions - I'm In Love With A German Filmstar